The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III ★★½

My immediate thought upon finishing Part II was that another follow-up would be completely superfluous, an overstatement of the trajectory of the Corleone fortune that has been delivered with such nuance and careful restraint in the first 2 films. So many blame Sophia Coppola for dragging this one down, but I don't think its real issues lie anywhere near her. It is a more foundational problem, that this third entry's existence serves only to dilute the power of its predecessors. Much of the greatness of Part II stems from the facade of ambiguity, that when it ends we so completely understand the inevitability of Michael's destiny going forward that we know what his future will look like without the movie explicitly showing it. And then Part III does just that. I get why people choose to pretend this doesn't exist.

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