Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★★½

I think the hate for this movie comes from the fact that it's only secondarily a superhero movie: it is first and foremost a tragic tale of heartbreak, betrayal, and moral misgivings, and only then does the superhero element serve to literalize those dramatic battles in an explosive actioner. Sandman is the personification of Peter's guilt about his Uncle Ben's death, of his confused and violently conflicting emotional responses. Harry as Green Goblin is the consequence of the sacrifices of Peter's escapades as Spider-man, especially as a good friend. Venom is the tempting illusion of being able to balance two mutually incompatible lifestyles – the illusion of satisfying the very foundation of his issues. The movie will understandably seem overcrowded to those watching as a substandard superhero movie; but to those of us who see it as the character-focused tragedy it really is, there's not a single unfocused, unnecessary element to be found. Fucking Shakespearen.

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