Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby ★★★½

If Krisha (2015) was a comedy

Tensions rise and social classes crash during a Jewish funeral in this impressive satire about capitalism, faith, family values, and betrayal, brilliantly conducted by first-time director Emma Seligman. Masterly crafted, irreverent, and chilling, it centers on the conflicts surging during a grieving reunion in New York, seen from the perspective of the protagonist Danielle, a young college student who comes to term with her married sugar-daddy and her lesbian lover while scrambling around trying to hide her double life from her parents. Everyone else seems to have their lives figured out and her refusal to be honest about her uncertainty of where her life is going leads to plenty of awkward miscommunication and amusing moments. Delivering witty humor and sharp commentaries on society behavior, it's an absorbing and unashamed examination of the terror that is an oppressively caring family.

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