Roma ★★★★½

like looking through an old family photo album, each frame provokes a lifetime of memories. the photos of one of the family's servants transcend this portrait and slowly develops to reveal a powerful story of a simple life.

the film's monochromatic cinematography helps reinforce that we are looking at the past, but never a romanticization; poverty, racism, and social dissension exist, but they are treated objectively. the human relationships take center stage, and the film is an astoundingly accomplished example of cinéma verité - we are not subjected to maudlin or sentimental tones, rather a sense of magical realism. yalitza aparicio's subdued performance of the often-silent maid finds ways to best communicate her emotional state non-verbally, and marina de tavira is excellent as the long-suffering family matriarch, who slowly but surely realizes that she's on her own.

cuaron was writer, director, cinematographer, editor, and producer, this is an unfathomable amount of talent, my mind cannot comprehend this level of genius. I am in awe of this film.

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