Lux Æterna

Lux Æterna ★★★½

An intense, disturbing and artificial experience, Gaspar Noe projects unfiltered chaos through an even more chaotic distorted lens. Experimenting with direct juxtaposition, bringing images closer together than an edit could ever achieve - heightening the effects of the match cut without sacrificing the impact of either frame, allowing the parallel shots to comment on each other. An expert at building mini cinematographic hellscapes, this isn't the first time Gaspar Noe has tormented the audience with his vision, but it seems a first that he presents cinema as a razor-sharp knife itself, even without anything to cut. The message ends up being a stab in the eyes, a corporal punishment for anyone who dares stand in front of this volatile, assaultive film. He's the director. This is auteurism. Art can be evil, and the conditions of filmmaking are often a hellscape all its own. Appreciate art, but don't glorify the process.

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