Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★½

A bloated season finale (I'm now certain this is less a movie trilogy than a miniseries) that essentially just confirms what we suspected all along about the origins of the curse, perfunctorily tying up the narrative loose ends with little finesse or energy. It's interesting as a progressive statement on the ingrained racism endemic to American civilization since before its inception, but it does little to make that point beyond simply presenting it. And once again, the setting is almost entirely irrelevant; it looks like 1666, but nothing about it *feels* like it isn't 1978 or 1994. The time period is just ornamentation, and that it jumps forward to tie it all up with a neat little bow only puts emphasis on the overall vapidity of both this episode as well as its predecessors. I thought going farther back with each entry was an effort to heighten the hopelessness of the curse and hammer home the true horror of the never-ending tragedy for the town (and, with the recontextualization provided here, minorities in general), but this just half-assed the issue in favor of a crowd-pleasing conclusion. Yay?

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