• Pulse



    "Help me."

    Damn, been awhile since I was truly scared during a film. Easily the best and most presciently philosophical film on the impact of the internet ages before social media. Makes me want to read a book on Japan's "lost generation" of a few thousand youths that stay in rooms online all day.

    This and 'Cure'? Is this director OK?

  • Slums of Beverly Hills

    Slums of Beverly Hills


    "That shit makes me paranoid."

    Forgot to review this way back. Definitely inspired 'Kajillionaire' in depicting a white trash kind of family. Nearly feels like a prequel to 'Little Miss Sunshine'. Fun performances and laid back atmosphere.

  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    "This is where all the good stuff happens."

    I'd rather watch 'Auto Focus' or 'Rounders' way before ever revisiting this one. I got strangely used to the digital sterile look and the performances are solid. Gets a little political and a little old man ranty, but I'd reckon fans of 'First Reformed' will really like it.

  • Ema



    "It's your fault my whole body hurts."

    I forgot to review this one when I saw it in theaters. Unfortunately, I was expecting a little more energy but it was nice to see somewhat unlikable and grounded characters. Great camerawork, music could've been better with Jarr.

  • Alt-Right: Age of Rage

    Alt-Right: Age of Rage


    "It's not me convincing people through rational argumentation."

    Solid enough doc that's rather similar to 'White Noise' except it follows around a prominent antifa activist as well. Insane and frightening interviews with Jared Taylor & Spencer and spliced with plenty of protest footage.

    Escalates to Charlottesville.

  • Taste the Blood of Dracula

    Taste the Blood of Dracula


    "The goblets, you brought them?"

    Solid enough entry into the Lee Hammer saga, I liked the inclusion of Victorian dark streets and curious tired old dudes. Loved the guy from 'Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde'.

  • Deliver Us from Evil

    Deliver Us from Evil


    "Ray is on the way."

    Couldn't help but be disappointed by this. Fight scenes are cut poorly if solid enough for this past years lack of thrills on screen. Reminiscent of 'Gangster, Cop, and the Devil' that it unfolds a fantastic premise but doesn't quite deliver the operatic drama. Nice villain and Thai locales.

    Similar story to 'SPL 2'.

  • Alucarda



    "I have something to show you too."

    Great sets, fun performances, and a wacko finale, this Mexican but English language shares a lot of DNA with the Italiano 'Antichrist' or 'Viy'.

    Still pretty fun and a short, wild ride.

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    "Did you have a choice?"

    I dug this enough, often forgetting its even a Marvel movie rather than a slick high budget globe trotting spy actioneer.
    The times we live in.

  • Vicious Fun

    Vicious Fun


    "No one remembers their taxi driver."

    Catching up on 2021 flicks and this was a low key highlight for fans of 'Cooties' or 'VFW'. Small scale indie with slick enough retro style. Good supporting casting. Has its moments.

  • Walking the Edge

    Walking the Edge


    "I think I'm tired of being pushed around."

    Woo man this is a mean ass 70s flick along with 'Trackdown' or 'The Candy Snatchers'. Great set up, fast pacing, and some grimy scummy characters.

    Great unlikely lead duo against Joe Spinell & Goons.

  • House



    "The bright sunlight bothers me."

    Totally zany and weird as I imagined with one of the quintessential late night movies, 'House' was probably never bound to live up to my too high expectations. It was definitely better than 'Happiness of the Katakuris' but I felt like it was missing something, or maybe I wasn't baked enough.