Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

i really wish snyder was able to make this film with no interference back in 2017 (it would need to be much shorter, of course) because this was actually great. i’m not even the biggest fan of bvs more than i appreciate and respect that film, but snyder’s working on such an insane level with this movie that i just can’t deny it of it’s praise. the action and visuals are everything you’d expect from him, but surprisingly the emotional beats for this film really pay off too. i found myself invested in *mostly* everyone’s character arcs and they’re all so much more pleasant and likable as they are than when they’re forced to be funny and quirky like in the theatrical cut. 

it’s four hours long, but i don’t really mind that given the format because if you’re finally able to share your vision of this film you’ve been working on for half a decade, why not go all out? why not share the best of your ideas? and snyder manages to pace this film pretty well! i don’t know if i could sit through it all in one go at the theaters ... but i’m also not seeing it in the theaters. 

people love to talk about how snyder makes movies that are too self-serious and grim but honestly, this is still ridiculous and fun and that’s why i like it. i don’t like this movie because i think it’s more ‘real’ or ‘mature’ than the mcu or anything, it’s pretty much the same kind of story in a different interpretation. guess what, both interpretations are fun to me. plus, i respect that snyder seemed to really want to focus this movie on character arcs that are much more fulfilling than in his previous two dc films. that’s really what draws me to most blockbuster films anyway, good characters.

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