Who's Watching Oliver

Who's Watching Oliver ★★★½

who’s watching oliver is one of psychopath movie that i’ve been waiting for and yeay finally watched this! i don’t really know if i should be happy or bored after watching this because there are some good and bad points in it. well this isn’t really wonderful movie for me and for people, i mean i bet this movie will not be appreciated by everyone, not everyone but most people. well so let’s get started, good points are i really enjoyed the performance of Oliver so so so much! and also the story that he actually struggled against himself to do something he doesn’t wanna do for his mama ah and the awkward nasty at the end (ugh) but the bad points are it didn’t tell us why he’s in thailand and where did he get money to spoil the girls from, and also maybe lil throwback of his life in the past that made him and his are gettin involved in voyeurism. overal, this was very unsettling for me eventho it’s not 60R3 at all.
ps: ini menurutku agak slow burn karena intinya cuma ya gitu doang tapi agak di dragging untuk dapet sisi dramanya.