Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

Just finished my third viewing of Seven Samurai, and again I was enthralled and left in awe by the monumental magnitude and intimate humanism of the whole experience, fully immersed into the rich characterization and the visceral, gritty action. Still holds up incredibly well, simply a historic directorial achievement of unparalleled scope of artistry and craft within the raw simplicity of its premise, peerless character building and timeless themes of morality, honor, friendship, loyalty and humanity vowen through the ideals of the samurai.

The all-time greats Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura give the standout performances, as the charismatic, sympathetic peasant-samurai Kikuchiyo, and the veteran sensei Shimada who leads the warriors. The acting all-around is great, even though traditional Japanese style of acting is sometimes over the top but that's the part of this film's charm, and contributes to its enduring appeal. The film has enough wit and heart to boast, and its detailed character study is something I've rarely seen crafted so proficiently. It's also by far the fastest 3+ hour film you'll ever watch; its pacing is seamless and narrative flow is perfectly constructed. On a technical level it was unparalleled and groundbreaking in its era, and it's still miraculous to watch today.

Through smart visual storytelling, and swift, kinetic direction, Akira Kurosawa delivered an unrivaled cinematic groundbreaker, a timeless monument of filmmaking art and a seminal masterwork that influenced and inspired countless other films and their respective genres. More action films today should follow suit and learn from its legacy. This is the stuff legends are made of. Truly an epic, in every sense of the word.

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