Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★½

GvK comes put in 2 days/1 week and I am beyond hyped
But I haven't seen this film yet so uh oops
I'm pretty much unspoiled too so man was I looking forward to this, plus I love KotM to death

Kong and Godzilla movies are inherently different so this one has smaller scale (in comparison) monsters and a more human scale, and more human connection with the kaiju Plus the whole jungle exploration it really does feel like a huge expansion of that whole thing

For one this film is gorgeous I mean the locations and the shots and cinematography
Contrast with these creatively made almost surreal horrifying monsters (cannibal holocaust spider wtf?)
Also those sweet sweet Nam themes just like any good horror film which adds depth to the story and characters especially Sam Jacksons, his performance is great and character is well realized
All the performances and actors kick ass here all the characters really fill a role but the human stuff doesnt take away from the monster action, the Kong stuff is epic and explosive but also human encounters (even peaceful) are grand and even badass
Like I dont wanna just list the scenes I like about all of Kongs rampage and his fight at the end is so tense and well shot, theres so much impact to everything

I mean one dude has a katana and speaks japanese before slicing into a SkullCrawler that's anime as fuck man

Amazing action sequences beautiful setipieces amazing monsters, man like what doesn't this have

Also I like how the skullcrawlers are taken from the 1933 Kong weird detail but, yeah cool tho

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