Zodiac ★★★★★

i know zodiac is obviously a very dark film but there are a few little funny moments here and there and they add so much to the film and it helps liven something that’s very long and very dense so this review is dedicated to all my favourite fun moments as follows: 

- “have you ever considered the killer might be Paul Avery?”

- “only a rat bastard like André could’ve done something like cut off all the victims hands”

-“do you smoke?”
“once, in high school”

- “Travis and I work here side by side for 10 years. His foot gets crushed in an accident and the killings begin. Coincidence?” 
“I don't know”
“You're a cop, man. Do the math”

- “you’re doing that thing, the thing we discussed, the thing I don’t like, starts with an L”
“Oh, looming”

-“I swallowed it”
“Because it was minty”

- when paul shouts at robert and says “all you did was go to the fuckin library” and in the next scene he goes home and melanie asks where he was and he says the library 

- “what are these? Cookies? dear lord do you ever clean this car”

-dave toschi’s obsession with animal crackers 

thank you that is all

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