Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice ★★★★★

TRY telling me mathew mcfayden as mr darcy couldn’t be a young severus snape 
I’d seen this before but a few years ago and liked it, and I finished reading the book the other week and honestly it was so so boring (sorry Jane Austen) and I thought that I’d probably dislike the film if I didn’t like the book because it felt so trivial and just dull but honestly this film is so so beautiful I was so captivated by this entire story even though it was the same story I was bored by in the book I have no idea how that works. I think this story is told very well visually, the scenery and the stately homes and the dresses are so stunning and that never came across in the book. also the score is lovely. don’t mind me gushing about how much I love this film

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