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  • Surf Punks

    Surf Punks


    Pretty cool doc. Some parts in Dutch with no subs (of the version I found) but it has an early Suicidal Tendencies line-up on it. Mike Muir on vocals. Pretty cool.

  • Rituals



    I saw an extremely bad print & edited version from a crappy 50 film boxset from Mill Creek. I need to see the uncut version with more gore & violence intact.

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  • Silver



    Miike, once again, surprises me. It really should be no surprise as to what random awesomeness the man tosses into his films or even what type of film he decides to make, but he still manages to do something highly inventive.

    This time around Miike uses the LLPW (Ladies Legendary Professional Wrestling) league and its wrestlers in his film as the backdrop for a secret agent's cover. Great wrestling is part of this film, as well as fun fight choreography,…

  • White-Collar Worker Kintaro

    White-Collar Worker Kintaro


    Another great Miike adaptation from anime to a live-action movie. I can't say that I have seen the anime, but now it is on my radar. I also saw that there is a live-action television series based on the anime, too. Must see all of this! I wish there was more fighting and more motorcycle gang activity like there was in the end of the film, but it still was a fun ride.