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Dubbed “the ultimate in streaming horror” by Newsweek and “the streaming platform of choice for self-professed horror and genre enthusiasts” by Rotten Tomatoes, Shudder is the premium streaming…


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The jump in filmmaking quality/skill from THE RANGER to this is enormous. Beautiful-looking film, fun script that doesn't skimp on the mostly practical bloodletting, and solid performances from almost everyone (with special kudos to the great Chloe Levine and newcomer Georgia Acken).

My full review:

Barry (Gary Green), to put it politely, is not a lovely human being. He is a heavy drug addict and has no interests in looking after his current partner and only child, all of whom live in a small rundown home. Visiting a local pub, Barry catches up with a mate and does some more drugs, eventually walking home utterly high and filled with alcohol.

During his walk home, a bright light appears in the night sky. Barry is abducted…

If I was 11 years old this HARD-R kids flick would be my favorite movie of all time.
(That’s a compliment.)

Review by Kate Erbland

First, some history: “Dracula” author Bram Stoker, the ostensible inventor of our modern idea of the vampire, was Irish. Now, some retconning: in the world of Chris Baugh’s plucky horror comedy “Boys from County Hell,” Stoker’s villain was inspired by the evil exploits of Abhartach, a resident in the tiny Irish village of Six Mile Hill who delighted in drinking the blood of his neighbors. A local offed Abhartach and he was buried beneath a tall…




Most moviegoers don't see that many movies like Hunted, but if you go to genre festivals or spend a lot of time digging through your favorite streaming services to find the new selections, it gets categorized: Survival horror, nature, woman on the run, etc. What makes one of those stand out? A couple good performances. Some visual style. And a willingness to go kind of crazy at the point where the audience might be expecting the filmmakers to coast.





Ready for a deeply disturbing twist on Red Riding Hood? Then, you won’t want to miss Vincent Paronnaud’s Hunted.

This haunting offering begins at the side of a campfire, the crackles of the wood and the orange light flickering on the face of a young boy as his mother tells a fairy tale of suffering, attempted murder, and survival. She concludes with a warning: “The company of wolves is better than that of men.”




I wasn't expecting how hilariously bonkers it got in the last half hour or so. It was incredible! Lots of interesting sub-text in both its lead and psychopathic villain too. Some war PTSD, LGBT themes, differing ways of being brought up, all coming back to the wolf/cub dynamic in new and engaging ways. Incredible well done film.

The Snow White of rape-revenge films