Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation

"I don’t want a job, or a house, or taxes although I wouldn’t mind a car, but... I don’t know. Now that I’m away, I wish I was back there more than even when I was there. Let’s just say I’m a certain kind of tourist..."

A haunting story of disaffectedness, great soundtrack. To make a strange comparison, it's a bit like TaxI Driver. We get to know the kid merely through following him, and we learn maybe we shouldn't like the guy (if we ever did). I dig the structure, following a character meeting people with no real connection: you can see the influence on Linklater, and on Louie CK, of all people.

Great shots, really sort of vibrant style.

I didn't expect any That's That Guy! moment when I decided to begin watching Jarmusch, but hey, there's that guy from Silence Of The Lambs!

Watched on the Criterion DVD of Strangers.

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