Zodiac ★★★★★

This is easily Fincher’s best film to date. Everything about this film is absolutely perfect. Heaps of information and research was done for the writing of this film and it’s clearly evident. It took Fincher five years to complete this film and it was totally worth it. The screenplay was very meticulous, tight and arresting. Even at 162 minutes, I was completely transfixed by the story and it’s characters. A lot is happening but nothing felt forced or unnecessary, every little detail felt important and all things beautifully wraps up. Even after all these years the Zodiac case still feels relevant and fascinating. The characters in this film were amazing, everyone’s relentlessness and frustration can be seen. The cast was exceptional. Jake, Mark and RDJ, everyone killed it. The rest of the cast was brilliant too, not a single bad performance. The score and soundtrack was great and the production design was outstanding. Nobody uses VFX as good as Fincher, one may not even identify the CG shots, it’s that good. The film couldn’t have ended better. Masterpiece!

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