Spencer ★★★★

I had no idea this was a Psychological Drama Film. I should have known, I wasn't ready for this.

Right now I am in a difficult situation in my life, so watching movies and writing these reviews are the only ray of hope. This movie was depressing and claustrophobic as fuck until the last 15 minutes. It made me shiver to think an actual person lived through these circumstances. Kristen Stewart is phenomenal here, we can literally feel every emotion she is feeling. The way she portrayed Diana is magnificent, she did the very best to honor her. The direction, cinematography and production design were stunning.

There are only 3 scores here which are used in different variations. The score by Jonny Greenwood is soothing and epic. Sally Hawkins and Timothy Spall were great in their respective roles. I had no idea Sean Harris was in this, him as a Chef was a brilliant casting and he was as usual perfect in his role.

I am not saying this movie didn't have issues, the pacing was off sometimes, some scenes felt odd and there are no waves of emotions. It's a tough movie to connect but it can be given a try.

As I am also watching The Crown side by side, I feel extremely conflicted about the Royal Family. I cannot completely hate them, but some of the shits they do is unforgivable. Their rules and luxury is atrocious. Hope they change atleast now, it is time for them to change themselves.

This movie is not for everyone, but there is no harm in watching this one time.

A solid 83% for me.

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