Belfast ★★★★

This was so charming and adorable.

Kenneth Branagh is a terrific actor, I had no idea he was such a great director. I have only seen 3 of his directorial features and was not so impressed by that. But this one was so well shot and executed. The wonderful writing by Kenneth is elevated by it's brilliant cast. Everyone was amazing. Jamie Dornan was really good, Ciarán Hinds was great as usual and Judi Dench, do I really have to say anything about her. Such a beautiful performance. But the scene stealers here are the Boy "Buddy" and Caitríona Balfe as his mom. They were outstanding in their given roles. Jude Hill(Buddy) as a kid who loves his family and has a crush on a girl from his school is so adorable. Such a talented kid. Balfe is a woman who loves Belfast and it's people, is given a hard choice to make that could change the lives of their family forever, is absolutely magnificent. She gave a towering performance and her character is so connectable.

The story is set during the Northern Ireland conflicts around the late 1960's. And then there is this wonderful neighbourhood dealing with these conflicts in solidarity. Personally I didn't care much about the troubles, yes it made the movie a little tensed but I was so invested in the day to day life of the lead family and the people around them. Some of the scenes are executed in a profound way. When the family goes to the movies, when Buddy tries to impress his crush and when our lead pair dances to Everlasting Love, all these scenes were beautiful and somewhat magical.

Yes I have few issues, like the pacing during the first 20 minutes but I didn't mind those at all. This is a movie about love, family and finding about ourselves and I was really moved by it. The score, production design and cinematography all were stunning.

Overall a great movie to watch with family or friends.

A solid 81% for me.

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