Dave Chappelle: The Closer

Dave Chappelle: The Closer ½

Soooo You know when a person says they aren’t racist because they don’t use the N word then goes on a long one hour rant that is just the long way of saying the N word? That’s this special, Dave chooses to take one last jab at the LGBTQ community. Even the end of the special is Dave using the “I have 1 transgender friend” argument and ironically tells more LGBTQ jokes. Dave also goes all in on a space aliens and Clifford the big red dog satire that doesn’t fit well in the set no matter how many times he brings it up. This is me saying the long way o didn’t think this was funny, for a comedian I use to hold to high standard telling jokes I can hear from my uncle at a BBQ if I bring over enough alcohol and ask him how he feels about transgender bathrooms.

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