• We almost lost Bochum

    We almost lost Bochum


    hits so close to home in so many ways, it's simply impossible to rate this objectively at all. the own biography, subculture, mentality, youth, music - it's all in here, very much interwoven with these 4 dudes and their own way.

    especially heavy weights the willingness of the protagonists to have an open insight, bitter introspection and brutal self-disclosure - bringing alive the authenticity, honesty and realness RAG was always standing for. undisputed respect for that.

  • Torso



    all you can eat giallo slasher feat. creative camerawork in every second corner, fine editing, tons of beautiful Italian women and a great new tune every 20 minutes. good
    debaucherous times.

  • Egomania: Island Without Hope

    Egomania: Island Without Hope


    devilish freudian aphorisms presented by baron auntie diabolo. - 05/07

  • Cyclo



    defocused crashcourse, muddy pictured bizarrotrip, reality x poem as hallucinatory festival darling. - 05/07

  • Casanova


    some weird type of rom-com, which would love to be lightly easy going and illustrious amorous but is just cheap junk. the possibility to get deeper into motifs like masquerade and mythos impeded. - 05/07

  • The Notebook

    The Notebook

    there was a chance for an interesting movie here due to the point that both individuals - Gosling and McAdams - play characters that have a shady and rotten side to them. however that is not explored and by indicating such traits this becomes a rather awkward "perfect love story", being pretty alienating to follow along the suggested path of smoochy romance.

    babyface Ryan and Rachel also don't seem to be able/willing to bring this further, which shouldn't be surprising, this being happening at the start of their respective careers. the end result is as generic as imaginable.

  • Sexy Beast

    Sexy Beast


    like a Tarantino/Ritchie clone, but a hundred times more engaged with the subtle art of understatement. rough around his british edges, looks like Glazer needed to grind them and get this out of his system - an UK hoodlum thing, okay, but if we would have known which madness will follow on this... anyway, sexy screenplay, sexy Winestone and very sexy Kingsley. - 05/07

  • Play



    very playful but gentle, addressing the big themes without relapsing into gloom. not easy tackling things like existential loss, search of ones identity and death. in it's naive approach a very fresh and nimble-footed piece of latin american cinema, that shows his european siblings how to do an indy dramedy without falling into mannerisms. - 05/07

  • The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

    The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada


    Tommy Lee Jones Cannes rocker is very much a Guillermo Arriaga vehicle in the first place. he's lightening up the mexican fire against the blunt gringos while celebrating the narrative interweaving being his trademark to go, creating western, road movie, dude-tale and unbent comedy. - 06/07

  • The Platform

    The Platform


    you gotta appreciate when a movie goes full blown unsubtle all in territory. nothing lesser than a metaphor for the whole society and the system it operates in is put into motion in this social critical version of Cube. it's kind of the american apprentice shoutout of a "thinking big" approach, just written in the letters of spanish socialism.

    the good thing about The Platform is, that after the intriguing premise it doesn't settle down for a philosophical analysis that…

  • Bergman Island

    Bergman Island

    tough thing to master a critical homage to one of cinemas greatest, who is on the verge to be annihilated when the new found morality of the bourgeois upper class is meant for real. in that way, the movie is stuck on that very thin line.

    so the best they can come up with is a weak, summer breezy satire about academia film nerdism and pretentious artsyness, but again: they're trapped, cause Hansen-Løve is an offspring coming right out of…

  • Extinction



    Netflix mimicry part 3778. creating big sci-fi off the cuff. including CGI and all the shenanigans you need for it. for example Michael Peña as lead actor. wait, Peña? isn't he the token latino sidekick in bigger movies usually? start wondering, what this is right? well... NetflixNetflix mimicrymimicry part 3778.

    (spoiler alert: nearly switched off when the Aliens turned out to be... humans. first rule in the book of sci-fi horror: do not give the audience no real aliens. what a bummer.)