Dune ★★★★

what a colossal, brownish, brutalist, mechanically digital rockefeller. with its fascist aesthetics Villeneuve, Fraser, Zimmer and co nail it totally(tarian). of course, you can't front, cause it's all taken care of in the narrative spheres, immunized against all criticism. so no worries, there's nothing in the way for your majestic cinema experience.

possible political discourses aside, i saw this setting the focus on the religious questions, matching the epic form of it. the hopeless and depressive attitude made it rich, a ride into heavy devastation. but i guess that's also simply just keeping it real (to Herbert).

what remains is - next to the fidelity - the ode to the screen, sound system, dispositif, apparatus. it was good to see this while getting blasted into your cinema seat. let the carnage ravage you. this is what you want, and the movie knows.

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