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  • Pigsty



    '69 - when films could still be made as unshamefully unmasked pamphlets full of vulgar symbolism. nearly jodorowskyesque. chapeau.

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    the typical Wes Anderson gimmick fest, that might entertain each enthusiastic member of our individualistic, urban, oh so ironic world, but is ultimately shallow and dull after all.

    following the fun festival of quirky little details, and the start of boredom with its hunting sequences in its spy parody part, it completely falls apart when some "seriousness" gets infused in the final 2 minutes, to gain a deepness that never was there. with all due respect to Andersons own approach to film, but that is plain cynical.

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  • Brief Encounter

    Brief Encounter


    Celia Johnsons vibrantly sad eyes illuminate this epic tragedy of unfulfillable love, suffocated by an adamant society that isn't able to reflect its own rigidity. small gestures of early affection and infatuation have to do it. in equally small acts of the inner world this denial by reality has to be stomached.

    this petite tale tells a tragedy of epic proportions, the protagonists inside monologues (directed to us, packaged in a narration to her husband) feel so modern, sometimes it's…

  • Good Will Hunting

    Good Will Hunting

    the late 90s were probably the last time you could unshamefully play the old tune of "from rags to riches" without getting some sort of stitches in the wake of facing the ugly truth of a society slowly collapsing under its neoliberal fantasia-land. Damon & Afflecks career breakout (rumour has it that additional doctors were at work) is already limping from the start, when those two fancy slick boy toys pretend to be boston white trash - Gus van Sant staging…

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  • Soul



    Pixar following their recent approach of Coco and Inside Out to tell a deeply existential tale about heavy topics such as the acceptance of death or the lack of motor to go through this mess called life, while popping cherry lollipops in style and entertaining a joie de vivre on the surface, and slowly bringing both together.

    it's a zest for life while not being in denial about all of its flaws. a serious endeavor which is nonetheless brimming over…

  • Out of Sight

    Out of Sight


    i have had a bad memory of this film. back in '98 the 15 yrs old me was a huge fan of George "coolest ER guy on this planet" Clooney and Jennifer "can it get more sexy than this?" Lopez. all of this was somehow disappointing, I'm not sure what I was expecting back then though, I guess something like a proper 90s Tarantino crusher. Soderbergh is no Tarantino though, we all know this. 15 yrs old me didn't I…