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I accidentally stumbled on a review from here.

It had taste. Hence i am here.

As your were. Nerd.

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  • Project Power

    Project Power

    Haha. I legit hyped this film on movie platform. After watching it, i sighed and moved on.

    It was terrific. In a very bad bad way.

    So much potential, yet turned out to be underwhelming.

    Only good thing that came.out was the female lead on screen performance. Shikena !!!

  • The Wedding Party

    The Wedding Party


    A film that struck Gold for Abudu.

    Beautiful. Rich in scenery. Great Visuals. Good Directing.

    One thing that made this film so good and loved is that the simple fact that "Nigerian weddings are the best"

    Take that to the screens with a good director with a good cinematographer....It will be Dope.

    Yea. TWP is good and recommended.

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  • Mulan


    Began with good vibes. And then splatt. Ended up being basic.

    Such a disappointment. I wonder how they managed to let this happen.