Stowaway ★★★★★

An absolutely stunning movie in all aspects.

I wish I could rewatch it again for the first time, just to be swept away by the beauty of the storytelling and the humanity each cast member brought to their respective roles. The intimacy of the small cast was so effective and so poignant. It helped the already-great storytelling and really drew me in as a viewer. The sheer performances too. Wow. I was blown away by each actor individually, but there is no doubt that Shamier Anderson and Anna Kendrick definitely defined many major heartstring moments. Daniel Dae Kim and Toni Collette were impeccable in their roles as well.

I think it's easy to lose ourselves in the thrill and drama of being in space because it's such a massive unknown frontier, but when you put the relative speck of a human body up there, it's just so soul-searching and mortality-defining. Even in space where the limits feel endless, it's nice to see a movie that recognizes the limits of our human existence. There will always be beauty in that.

Also let's talk about how visually stunning this was. And that ending sequence. My God.

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