Zodiac ★★★★★

I am not the Zodiac. And if I were, I certainly wouldn't tell you.

I watched this soon as it was released and haven’t watched it since, I thought it was good but not god tier Fincher and the whole charade of this being very similar to Bong’s Memories Of Murder (2003), shocker I’ve done a 180, Zodiac is a lot better than I remember. 

Effortlessly it does a brilliant job of displaying information to the audience, so much is thrown at you in the first 30 minutes with character introductions, murders and timelines. This happens throughout the entire 2 hr 40 minute runtime which by the way felt like 90 minutes, it is extremely well paced. All the panning, tracking shots, blocking, framing, camera placement & editing are perfect. The birds eye view shot following the car was a favourite of mine and the city establishment shots made from VFX. Since it was shot in digital, the film has aged very well, it looks clean and brand new. All of Fincher’s colours are in this, his distinctive yellow mood lighting particularly. You can see tints of Fincher’s The Social Network genius here, since Zodiac is his first biopic which has a lot of information in this 22 year story, I felt that prepared him for The Social Network.
I thought the world building of the 60s and 70s, along with the 80s, then 90s for the final scene was all executed well. Fincher’s dedication to making all the murders & crime scenes as accurate as possible I loved too. The screenplay had a lot of snappy, captivating dialogue along with great humour and exposition. Jake Gyllenhaal and RDJ were both really good as always but I thought Mark Ruffalo and John Carroll Lynch gave very subtle underrated performances. Zodiac is the closest I’ll ever get to an La Noire film, all the typewriters, the classy noir jazz soundtrack, murders, crime scenes, detectives, even Mark Ruffalo’s character uses a blue police telephone box! I noticed that both Tarantino and Fincher have made films set in 1969, that’s cool. If you ever want a serial killer crime film then Fincher is your guy. 

The last time I saw this face was July 4th, 1969. I am very sure that's the man who shot me.

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Fun fact: Because he wanted the film to be as accurate as possible, David Fincher decided not to depict any of the alleged Zodiac murders for which there were no surviving victims or witnesses.

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