Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★★

Brant that’s not the position I hired you for!

I still stand by my flaws with this film, I wrote a longer review on this a while ago so if anyone wants me to dive deeper I’ll have it linked here

Family have now seen all of Raimi. As I was waiting to rewatch this, I was trying to think what am I actually looking forward to? The first half of the film I genuinely like. All the JJJ, Aunt May scenes I like. It has a good intro, great Stan Lee cameo, the soundtrack was the best it’s ever been. It made Sandman a better villain with depth, kinda surprised by how little dialogue he had. Peter dancing in the street is always funny. Some transitions are great.
A lot of poetic callbacks to the first film, the black suit is awesome.

Now what I disliked; the film just gives me a bad different feeling compared to the first two? I would say the first two are perfect but not this. Apart from a couple of the scenes, the VFX is truly shocking in this, no idea how after the train sequence in SM2 and a budget of over 200 million. I don’t like how Gwen is in this film, Spidey order is Gwen and MJ, that’s why he doesn’t want girlfriends involved due to what happened with Gwen in the comics. The cinematography is weaker, the script was way weaker and even though I like the themes, the metaphors were way too on the nose and not subtle at all. The films pacing is a bit weak, it doesn’t flow as well has the previous two. Venom is meh (the voice could of been better) even though I get what the film was going for with Brock being a better Peter Parker. 

I genuinely believe Holland’s SM3 will be worse than this, Far From Home butchered the character for me, villains motivation was garbage, they wasted Zendaya, they made two of the worst SM suits I’ve ever seen in a film, they dedicate an entire scene to making him realise he’s not Iron Man to completely undermine it and the VFX in FFH was worse than this films VFX. I love that Andrew, Tobey, Kirsten, Willem, Alfred are back yadadada.. but it’s going to be a mess! This film was a little messy, it can always be messier and I guess we’ll see in December.  

Fun fact: Sam Raimi was the first director to helm a superhero trilogy and he shares a title with Zack Snyder as the only director in history to direct 5 comic book films.

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