Spencer ★★★★

Now leave me, I wish to masturbate. Tell them I said that.

Easily will be a best picture nominee. Kristen Stewart delivered a performance that grows and grows, her best performance ever. Johnny Greenwood’s soundtrack, what a memorable and cinematic score, very midsommar esque at times which suits the film perfectly. It’s shot like a horror film, very kubrickian and truly represents living with this family is a hell itself to the point your clothes feel like a prison. I appreciated a lot of the trucking shots, long takes, how intimate the close ups were and there’s a lot of reflection shots. Pablo Larraín is fantastic at directing performances based on real life people from Natalie Portman as Jackie and now Kristen Stewart as Diana. The atmosphere of this film is just something else, a lot of the scenes truly breathe, nothing feels rushed. Location is very much a character and there’s shakespearian elements. Pure artistic merit and cinematic sincerity.  

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Fun fact: Kristen Stewart trained for six months to perfect her accent.

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