Scream ★★★★

See, we had to bring the legacy characters back to make it matter. Can't have a bonafide Halloween without Jamie Lee!

5cream directors commentary. Not done one of these in a while and this was a fun one, the two directors, two writers and the producer of the film are on this. 

1. With the production title card spy glass, they had an idea of using an animated ghostface to kill the man with his own spy class. 

2. The writer of scream 5 got to do this film due to the producer Gary Barber saying “if you write the script then I’ll give you it”

3. The outline took 2 months to make and the script 2 & a half weeks to finish. The intro scene was the first scene written and shot. 

4. Due to covid they couldn’t finish the intro scene until the end of the schedule, they filmed half of the intro on the first day of filming and the other half of the scene (the stunt work in the kitchen) on the final day. 

5. Not much of the story changed from the first draft to the final film. Each writer thought of the same things on their own and realised this when they next met (the intro, the location of the third act, legacy characters whereabouts, the lead being billy’s daughter)

6. The writers were hugely relying on the legacy trio coming back. 

7. Mindy is named after one of the writers cousins.

8. Tara is named after producer Tara Farney who worked on Ready or Not. 

9. Amber is named after one of the writers wife.

10. The third act had a wake for Wes because the writer wanted a blood bath murder house as an honour for Wes Craven. 

11. Drew Barrymore, Matthew Lillard, Jamies Kennedy, Henry Winkler and Hayden Panettiere all have cameos (Drew: School announcer voice, Matthew: Ghostface in stab 8 “this shits lit!”, Jamie: party guy who says “some old guy is kicking us out” Hayden and Henry: saying “To Wes” at the wake)

12. Dewey was originally introduced in the bar which is now a deleted scene. 

13. Dewey in this is based on Quint from Jaws. 

14. When Billy returns, all the people on this commentary immediately say “we don’t if people will hate or love this.” Since the commentary was recorded after filming had finished. 

15. The writers wanted Kevin Williamson to come back and help with the film.

16. The writers didn’t want to de canonise any of the previous scream films because it’s more fun this way, avoiding Terminator and Halloween. They wanted Judy Hicks back and Randy’s sister. 

17. Neve and David never shot their phone call scene together.

18. The plan was to always bring in one legacy character at a time. 

19. Originally Dewey was dying in the third act.
20. The photo of David and Courtney Cox in Dewey’s trailer is a real photo from their past marriage. 

21. There’s a piece of music for Dewey from Scream 2 not written by Marco Beltrami but actually by Hans Zimmer in another film, Broken Arrow. The directors wanted that piece of music for this and they got it. 

22. David’s first scene in the film is the requel talk scene. 

23. “That cut deep” is an improv line by David. 

24. Jack Quaid improvised the line “shitty sam elliot” 

25. Jack Quaid and Mikey Madisom created a backstory of a reddit forum on scream and actually talked in the scream forums as their characters. His username was Stabhead and the comments are still there to this day!

26. Wes’s Death was originally different. 

27. There’s a lot of hidden 5s throughout the film. 

28. The childhood photo they use of Dylan Minette is the same one from 13 reasons why. 

29. They didn’t tell Dylan Minnette that ghostface would be in a scene with him so his jump is real.

30. Courtney’s intro scene was the first scene she shot.

31. The character Liv has a skirt which is a nod to Tatum’s character. 

32. Tara’s sweater is a nod to Casey, Drew Barrymore’s character.

33. Chad’s letterman jacket was a nod to Drew Barrymore’s boyfriend in the original film, Steve. 

34. The team directly reached out to Rian Johnson asking him if they could reference him and Rian loved it. 

35. When Tara is alone in the hospital, on the tv screen is watchinf Dawson Creek which feature Scott Foley the actor who played Roman in Scream 3 and Joshua Jackson who played one of the film students from Scream 2 in the film class scene. The episode Tara is watching has a Scream poster in it, and the episode was shot at Screen gems which is where Scream 5 was shot. 

36. The team were scared that people might not like the update to Ghostfaces costume with the voice modulator built into the mask. 

37. For the 2nd hospital attack scene, Roger L Jackson’s performance was a recording that was played on set. 

38. David did all of his own stunts.

39. The directors talked to Jon Chu before casting Melissa Barrera.

40. The GPS location Chad scene was originally much longer. 

41. Chad was originally supposed to die but survives because there were no male survivors in the film. His thumbs up is a nod to Dewey in the first film. 

42. In the meta scene of “look behind you” with Mindy watching Stab, Jack Quaid is actually in the ghostface costume just like Skeet Ulrich was in the original. One of Wes Cravens hats is behind Ghostface.

43. There was a fake ending written where Mindy and Liv were the killers to prevent leaks. 

44. “Holy shit its Ghostface” is one of the writers favourite lines. 

45. Mike Madison is in the costume when ghostface is on the floor after falling off the rail. 

46. “I know it’s a bummer it’s me” is the writers 2nd favourite line.  

47. The kitchen scene was treated like theatre where the directors would film long takes of the entire scene. 

48. Sam biting Richie is a nod to Sidney biting Stu. 

49. Amber is burned to look like Freddy Kruger.  

50. One of the new songs from Wallows (Dylan Minettes band) appears in the credits. 

Fun fact: Scream 6 is set to film in June, releasing in 2023 with the same writers and directors of Scream 5.

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