• Hero



    Recommended by: Alan
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    Holy moly, this movie is one of the most stylish action movies I’ve ever seen. Every shot is so pretty and every action move is too. The leaves, the clothing, the water! Just my goodness I loved how this looks. Yeah the story really doesn’t matter, but every fight scene is just too great to care. Maggie Cheung was so good in this.

  • Quiz Show

    Quiz Show


    Recommended by: Alan
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    I’ve only heard good things about this movie, which is why I wish I lived this more. I feel like we start halfway through a story, and that story just isn’t as interesting as the movie makes it out to be. Redford directed the hell out of this, but my goodness Fiennes has never been worse. Really liked Turturro’s performance though!

  • The Last Emperor

    The Last Emperor


    This is one of the most striking movies I’ve ever seen, all the scenes set in The Forbidden City looked so amazing. Just so beautiful. The story in this is pretty meh, but the acting and character work kept me engaged.

  • The Purple Rose of Cairo

    The Purple Rose of Cairo


    My first Woody Allen movie and it’s a really good one! I’ve avoided his movies for a long time, for really no particular reason, I’ve just assumed his movies were the kind that wouldn’t appeal to me, and my goodness I was wrong. Mia Farrow was great in this, particularly that ending. But Jeff Daniels stole the show, I’ve never seen him better. Really liked the story here, and found the fantasy element to be really fun!

  • Summer of Sam

    Summer of Sam


    Wish I loved this more. It’s a weird movie, and the Son Of Sam stuff feels more tacked on than I thought Spike Lee intended it to. They show some of it, but it really doesn’t matter for the whole plot, so I don’t get why he showed it at all. I was more interested in the story of our 2 leads, who sometimes feel too over-the-top to be engaging all the way through, but Leguizamo and Brody were both great in this.

  • The Running Man

    The Running Man


    A super dumb movies that knows exactly what it’s supposed to do. The acting in this is not that great, but Richard Dawson is actually pretty amazing as this movie’s villain. I was hoping for a bit more interesting action in this movie, but it’s always fun to have Schwarzenegger deliver bad one-liners like his life depends on it.

  • Bad Education

    Bad Education


    This movie is super weird with its structuring and plot twists, but it is engaging to watch all the way through. Gael García Bernal is great, as usual, in this movie, and his character gets so much interesting depth that I was not expecting.

  • My Darling Clementine

    My Darling Clementine


    Recommended by: Alan
    Alan's Recs Ranked

    Henry Fonda and westerns go together like pineapples on pizza… they belong. Not a big fan of the act 3 love storyline, but the western action is engaging enough, even though I do know a lot of what happens is a load of bullshit.

  • The Italian Job

    The Italian Job


    Was hoping for this to be a bit more exciting, and while it has some really cool stunt work in the climax, I wasn’t too riveted. Michael Caine doesn’t make this movie better like his presence should, but it’s because we don’t really get a sense of his character. Great ending.

  • Damsel



    I wish this movie was either more gritty or more comedic, because it sat between those two and neither was all that compelling. The characters are also a bit meh, but I do enjoy the ending a ton and Mia Wasikowska is great in this.

  • Lucifer Rising

    Lucifer Rising


    And with this, I have watched all the shorts included in Kenneth Anger’s “Magick Lantern Cycle” most missed, but the good ones were really good.

  • Invocation of My Demon Brother

    Invocation of My Demon Brother


    I like the Mick Jagger music in this, which is why it is getting 1 score higher than it probably would have gotten without it.