White Chicks

White Chicks ★★★

Everybody I knew loved this in high school but I wouldn't watch it because the two "White Chicks" kinda terrified me (It's the cold soulless blue eyes). Finally watched this today and I have many mixed feelings.

This movie is impossibly dumb, which is both it's greatest strength and weakness. Things would get more and more ridiculous and I started laughing uncontrollably. It's like the stupidity of the movie dug little idiot tendrils into my brain. There's just something so inherently ridiculous about the concept. They don't look anything like the girls but nobody questions it hahaha. Then Terry Crews is so funny. The 1000 Miles bit is not overhyped at all, it is genuinely hilarious. When they say the n word in the car and their white friends are all shocked was a funny moment to me. Calling the chief a chocolate man. There is a lot of dumb funny moments. But then there were also moments that felt childish and gross and made me want to turn it off like the restaurant scene. It's like it would constantly hover on the line of "so dumb it's funny" and "too dumb to be remotely funny".

The plot is stupid. The whole FBI thing is just kinda pointless. The subplot with Marcus's wife starts out annoying but gets funnier as the movie goes on. At one point the movie just becomes Some Like it Hot with one guy trying to seduce a hottie using insider information he got as a woman while the other is forced to go on a date with a clueless rich dude.

I thought the villain girls were super hot. I thought the guys in the white face looked monstrous. The attempted date rape was pretty bad but it ended in gay panic so uhhh at least there's that.

If I think about this critically for even a moment, then I'd probably say it's pure trash. However, as a comedy it did serve it's purpose. It made me laugh a lot. I was going to give it a 3.5 but the more my brain turns back on the lower I feel like giving it.

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