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  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense


    You know those lightning-in-a-bottle moments that happen every so often when you're watching a film? The feeling that you've witnessed something so rare, so special, that it takes you to a transcendental plane of consciousness? Well, Stop Making Sense is that, non-stop for 88 minutes, and stays that way every time I watch it.

    I guess my favourite band is The Beatles (boring, I know), but Talking Heads is the answer I'm more likely to give if you ask me…

  • Dog Star Man

    Dog Star Man


    Ain't about how fast I get there
    Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
    It's the climb (yeah)

    - Miley Cyrus

    I am afraid to shut my eyes because I don’t want to miss anything. I am afraid to shut my eyes because I don’t want to be in the dark, all alone.

    A friend of mine once told me about a vision he would often have when he was younger. Sometimes, when his eyes would glaze over or…

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  • Laura



    Fairly cold on this one unfortunately. I enjoy the structural conceit of reframing our perception of Laura in the second half, and I do think this is an intriguing look at male obsession and projection - and by extension a cool deconstruction of certain noir tropes - but I simply don't find jealousy to be a particularly interesting emotion, especially not when presented as centrally and blandly as it is here. Also, for a film so occupied with wry, caustic…

  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    Happy birthday Setsuko Hara.

    I am in pain.

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Please get over yourself.

    My feelings may change, and it's been a hot minute since I've seen any Kaufman so I may be in a weird place with him, but a lot of this was insufferable and crushingly disappointing. Synecdoche, Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine are three films I adore, and here I just feel none of the humanity or creativity that makes those films so special. Sure, there's discomfort and moments of deeply upsetting psychological horror - as a cinematic…

  • Tenet



    Almost completely incomprehensible; things just happen with absolutely no explanation or decipherable reason (people complaining about Nolan falling back on exposition again in this...did we watch the same film? The exposition here is so sparse and half-arsed that they might as well not have bothered), we are immediately dropped into the deep end and it doesn't get any easier after that, and there's something to be said for the fact that the 90+ minute discussion with my friend afterwards was…