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  • Overlord



    had considered watching 'all quiet on the western front' to prepare for the oscar's, but then decided to put on a war movie i thought i would like more lol

    (i had so much fun with this and enjoyed the non zombie parts too, but come onnnn you're gonna introduce zombies that cool and have them have such little screen time ? truly unfair)

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    the first jump scare was that despite us going to the theatre where they were doing the original english dub all of the text messages were still in french lol 

    anyway, this might be my favourite scream movie since the original. 

    the opening sequence with Samara (who i did not know what going to be in this) was great and totally shattered the formula of how they normally do the big name actress first scene kill. 

    they went to new…

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  • The Little Things

    The Little Things


    oh boy. 

    the first half of this was so... slow.... then the second half just uhm made no sense. 

    I had fun with the score, so that is one positive. Also, Denzel is just always a pleasure to watch. 

    But seriously, this might have been the worst performances of most of the main three actors I have ever seen. 

    You could feel like maybe there was some good bones buried deep within this, but the story started tripping over itself.…

  • Breach



    The second worst movie I've seen this year. 

    The special effects were so horrible and I can't belive a greasy window with black on the other side is how they decided to show their ship was in outer space OH BOY 

    BUT HEY if you want to see what "The Thing" would have looked like in space with god awful writing, then maybe you'll enjoy this. 

    ((so I'm really going to have to start telling my roommate no when she asks to watch her films lol))