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  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil
  • Behind Enemy Lines III: Colombia
  • Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines

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  • The Store


  • After the Sunset


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  • The Store

    The Store


    "Washington's birthday is a very meaningful event, particularly in Coats"

    a sequel to Model, The Store follows the deconstruction of image making with an astute deconstruction of something much more common for most people: image selling/buying. while The Store might not be showing us anything new, he's showing us what we already now in a clearer light, dissecting how appeal and taste, and therefore much of our consciousness, are constructed by what are no more than product buyers. of course,…

  • Belfast, Maine

    Belfast, Maine


    There’s so much in Belfast, Maine about what Stephen Mamber has taxonomized as Process — seeing something made from beginning to end. We get incredible assembly line scenes of boxed baked potatoes, canned sardines (a sequence i believe Wiseman said contains 276 edits), packaged salmon and donuts, as well as the process of fishing, making fox furs and baking chocolates.

    We see a town that, while quite embedded within industrialization and the alienation of doing its labor, still cherishes the…

Popular reviews

  • Titane



    two-thirds of the way through this emotionally dishonest chore, i was thinking about the many island pornos made by Joe D'Amato. in which are tons of fairly disgusting images, but i was thinking about why, as filthy and god-forsaken as they may be, they're not annoying. and its as simple as this: theyre without affect; either you're getting off on them or you're not.

    instead of trying to ape Denis or Cronenberg, maybe Ducournau should check out Erotic Nights of the Living Dead.

  • Old



    a mainstream high-concept film about inescapable age is vintage M. Night, hitting terror, comedy and bittersweet sadness with real dexterity.

    its at its most touching when it focuses in on Bernal and Krieps' relationship. Old's concept allows him to capture the wide spectrum of a long-term relationship -- its difficulty, bitterness and eventual grace notes -- in a way that few films are able to naturally.

    unfortunately i think the ending is a real bummer misfire in an otherwise impressive…