Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Another Round (2020) directed by Thomas Vinterberg (The Hunt, Festen) focuses on a group of middle aged men, all schoolteachers, perform an experiment of sorts. They test a theory that proposes if you have a certain level of alcohol in your system, you will perform better in all aspects of your daily life. 

What we witness is a precarious balancing act of being as professional as possible and avoiding the pitfalls that come with being inebriated. 

Mads Mikkelson is in the lead, along with Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe (all three featured in The Hunt), and Magnus Millang. 

Throughout the movie, we see numerous highs and lows the men reach and stoop too, with their marriages, and jobs being subjected to all manner of behaviour. 

The drinking culture of Denmark is examined in a balanced and honest way, never condoning or condemning it. Being brought up in England, witnessing the abusive effects of alcohol on a Friday or Saturday night in any town or city, and previously falling victim to the spell that liquor conjures, I felt a little sad. 

However, not only is the film a raw depiction of what the consequences are to having alcohol liberally consumed in modern society, but it also has a very funny script with razor sharp dialogue, and borderline slapstick humour. The performances are wonderful, and it only further stamps Mikkelson’s talent in the history of Danish cinema.

Another round is funny, sad, relatable, and downright satisfying from start to finish, and I would happily watch a whole movie focusing on Mikkelson joyfully dancing.

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