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  • Blonde


  • Coogan's Bluff


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  • Blonde



    “This is not art by any standard, I wouldn’t like to call this a movie. Its exploitative medium that used the life of Marilyn Monroe, maybe such stories only work on the page rather than screen and Netflix’s Blonde proves it. I tried to find a good film here but it’s very difficult to watch degradations like rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and forced abortion for one of my favorite actors, it's disrespectful and shameful because Ana de Armas evoked…

  • Coogan's Bluff

    Coogan's Bluff


    “It's so solid and simple yet so incredible and engaging. Coogan’s Bluff is a rather forgotten film between Clint Eastwood and Don Siegel mainly because it's old and dated however this is the start of what became a genre and founded the path that was Dirty Harry.”

    The first collaboration between actor Clint Eastwood and director Don Siegel, Coogan's Bluff. An engaging thriller/crime piece that shows the foundation of what would become a genre itself and give Eastwood another iconic…

Popular reviews

  • Aliens



    "Like its predecessor Aliens is a genre-defining movie, James Cameron changes tone from horror to action but doesn't hurt the roots of lore. it's an exciting and well-made film."

    A prime example of how a sequel should be this is everything Alien was not, but don’t get me wrong Ridley Scott’s Alien was a still amazing movie a genre and franchise-defining film yet James Cameron is a visionary director and he loves science fiction films, his Terminator is the example…

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    “As sci-fi movies go Blade Runner is nor cheesy nor filled with action rather it lets its unique and promising storytelling do the work, all with Ridley Scott’s mesmerizing direction and hypnotic realistic visuals. Around every other sci-fi dystopian movie is one way or another influenced by Blade Runner, it's not just classic it's more than that.”

    Usually, back in the day whenever the film had science fiction elements, the film would become highly predictable and mostly about the dystopian…