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  • A Perfect Murder


  • The Edge


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  • A Perfect Murder

    A Perfect Murder

    Such an utterly forgettable, milquetoast "thriller." Michael Douglas plays, get this, a rich asshole. Viggo Mortensen was ok, but didn't have a ton to work with. Paltrow, the subject of our Perfect Murder, who alas remains firmly capitated, stabs a dude with a meat thermometer...the one and only highlight of the film. However they really missed a golden opportunity by not capping off that scene with a line like "I prefer my murder...well done" or something. I mean c'mon, this director made Under Siege!

  • The Edge

    The Edge

    I thought The Edge's cameo was a little on the nose, but other than that this was a nice survival thriller. Filmed on location in Banff, so the scenery is awesome. Alec Baldwin is in coke-fueled rage mode. There's also Walt's dad from Lost (blast from the past!). And of course my boy Bart the Bear, who is GETTIN AFTER IT in this.

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  • Malignant


    We turned this off and watched F Boy Island instead. It was way scarier.

  • Vertical Limit

    Vertical Limit

    Has some decent action moments, but at 2 hrs and 4 minutes it's waaaay too long. So many unnecessary characters cutting into my smarmy Bill Paxton time. Nevertheless, this movie does have Bill Paxton yelling "Fuck you!" at the mountain, so I'd say overall it's worth a watch.