Zodiac ★½

yeah i did not mess with this. i started this shit at 8:30 and ended it at 3 am. god was this movie daunting. i don't care if it was on purpose, i couldn't deal with the slow pace. this is one of the slowest paced movies i've ever seen, and again, i know that's purposeful and many people like it, even for that reason, but not me.

also, i get the whole point is that the case doesn't get resolved, but 2 hours and 44 minutes just for the biggest blue balls of all time, not my thing. i can see why people like this movie, but it wasn't for me. i was just bored, didn't really like the characters, i don't know. i still think it's a good movie, but i had much higher expectations, and they weren't met in the slighest.

i really thought this movie would be completely different, and expected to like it much more, but again, not the case. i get that this is true crime and it's based off of real life events, but it felt like there was no fictional elements at all, and again, i get that that's the point, and it's supposed to be a resemble the real life story, but if i was really interested in the zodiac then i think i'd rather just watch a documentary.

like i said i went into this movie expecting something completely different. call me stupid but i didn't know this was based off a true story until right before the movie. what i expected all this time was a murder mystery thriller, i expected like a grander se7en and obviously that's not what this is at all. i'm not saying that's a bad thing obviously, i'm just saying that when a movie isn't what i expected more often than not i just have a bad experience with it. 

my takeaway is that this movie is a character study on 3 men and how an obsession can alter each of their minds. that's very cool, and i think the movie handled that well, but again, it's not what i expected so it didn't sit that well with me.

i saw everyone hype up the basement scene before i watched the movie, saying, "it's scarier than any horror movie scene", what the fuck, it's a little unsettling, i guess, but it's not what people say it is at all, and the scene is like 30 seconds, it doesn't even last long. i don't know i just found the hype around that scene weird.

this felt like the longest movie of all time. i couldn't handle the incredibly slow pacing, and i was bored almost the whole time. i was so damn happy when those credits finally started rolling.

yeah i don't know, this movie was good, but that's where i would draw the line. my experience was miserable, and i had more negative emotions with this movie than positive. for right now i feel really comfortable with this rating, but i could definitely see me enjoying this film a lot more on rewatch. no like i really mean it, on rewatch i can definitely see me liking this a lot more and giving it a 4 or a 4 and a half, but i'm rating this on how i feel now, and as of right now this is exactly how i feel.

have a great day.

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