The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

During the summer of 1999, I worked part time at the local library, a minimum wage, 12 hours a week gig during high school to get some extra cash to waste. My favorite part of each shift was the last few minutes before we closed, when I would take a stroll over to the DVD section and browse for what I wanted to watch later that night. During my brief tenure in that position, my film universe exploded from what was a limited Star Wars only existence into being overwhelmed by classic cinema so powerful and unique that, to be honest, I don't think I was ready for it yet. I would screen films at 2 AM in my basement, and I remember enjoying them, but the appreciation for what I was truly witnessing didn't seem to be there. One of those films was The Godfather, and 14 years later, tonight on my couch, I experienced my first re-watch.

Despite only one previous viewing, I could remember specific scenes clearly with vivid detail, so I knew the film left an impression on me, but honestly I feel as if I just finished experiencing it for the first time. I could sit here all night going through every scene, using 40 different adjectives that all essentially mean the same thing, but really it all boils down to this: The Godfather is iconic. It is a perfect cinematic experience. It is the type of film that most filmmakers will spend their entire lives trying to create a work that is as legendary and important, but will never even come close.

Not only one of the greatest achievements of all time, but also one of my favorite single viewings of a film ever. I was locked in to every word, every extraordinary set piece, every note of a breathtaking score, and I loved every second of this lengthy but never bloated film. Tonight I was treated to a quiet house, my wife and daughter sleeping and a cool breeze flowing through the window next to me, and I couldn't have been more content.

Not that I ever really forget, but right now I am reminded of exactly why I love film.

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