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This review may contain spoilers.

You know why I love this film? I love that it is both a remarkably effective horror film and also a satirical gem not afraid to make fun of itself. I love that halfway through, a character literally tells you exactly how the rest of the film will play out and yet the first time you see Scream, you would completely disregard it like I did. I love that during that scene, Sidney's father is correctly referred to as a red herring, and then roughly two minutes later a conversation between Deputy Dewey and Sheriff Burke discuss some "obvious" pieces of evidence against him.

Also, as disturbing as it may be to watch unfold, especially once the parents enter the home and witness the aftermath of the chaos, the opening sequence of Scream is incredible. The strongest portion of the entire film takes place within the first ten minutes, and I know this because of how iconic it has become in a relatively short amount of time. Ask anyone who has seen the film about Drew Barrymore in Scream and they will be able to quote various lines and experience the horror all over again in their mind with ease.

I first saw this when I was 12 and I thought it was "cool" and "scary", and it remains both of those things, but what was lost on me then is how impeccably crafted and clever it actually is.

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