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23 December 2009 / I witnessed AVATAR on the biggest screen in my city, my first theatrical experience in my life(I had strict parents) I'm so grateful for my cousin who took me, it was visual extravaganza and it dropped my jaw to the floor. That was the first time I fell in love so hard with CINEMA.

23 September 2022 / I witnessed AVATAR REMASTERED RE-RELEASE to celebrate cinema and The Way of Water ❀️🀌🏻 and man! It hit nostalgia right in the heart. The reason why theater is an experience to savor all your life, the reason why I love cinema so much, today it was like a dream to be transformed back to into my first theatrical experience. *Insert Ratatouille Anton Ego flashback scene* Avatar is visual and technical masterpiece, hate it as you want but it still will be the #1 movie of all time. Jim Cameron πŸ›

Can't wait for THE WAY OF WATER

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