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  • Darling



    "They come to see real girls."

    A bitter and truthful depiction of the treatment of Trans people. A girl is told that she's not a "real girl", her lover is told that "your girlfriend turned out to be a boyfriend". People you don't know, literal strangers look at you in the eye and decide what you are and what you are not. That attempt at destruction of identity is tackled so brilliantly here.

  • Urban Rashomon

    Urban Rashomon


    a therapy session.

    Khalik Allah's Urban Rashomon feels like a very open,honest and human therapy session. Khalik recounts days he spent with a homeless drug addict and Khalik's tone and voice is so nice. There is no sign of pity or judgement in his voice, it's just full of love and understanding. A very human film that has touched me deeply. I already adore the person that is Khalik Allah

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  • Magadheera



    Magadheera uses it's striking imagery and visual language to convey emotions and feelings rather than it's characters and dialogues. Yes the characters do talk and express themselves but the dialogue and interactions all pale in comparison to the imposing and grand imagery of the film.

    S.S Rajamouli has been a filmmaker that has interested me alot for the past month or so , and as i delve deeper into his filmography, he is certainly someone who lets the image talk.…

  • Ed Wood

    Ed Wood


    I went into Ed Wood expecting a wack comedy about the infamous "worst director of all time", boasting all the signature Burton quirks and cuts, but i was surprised to see a hopeful, emphatic and rightfully melodramatic portrayal of a man who has a deep love for the art that is filmmaking but can not make it big.

    The grey statement that Ed Wood presents us is that was Ed Wood just a talentless hack? A nobody who loved filmmaking…