Logan ★★★★½

Only Wolverine can fight himself

Imagine having an X-Men marathon and ending it with Dark Phoenix...hahaha as if! Of cause I was going to end my X-Men marathon with the movie Logan


So this movie takes place in 2029, Thank goodness for that, they probably predicted how Bad Dark Phoenix was going to turn out, so this movie will remain the true end to the X-Men franchise made by Fox. And what is nice about this movie is that doesn't start off with the cliché Superhero opening. It introduces us with Logan and where he is, Oh my gosh! This is just so sad already, he is looking old. You can immediately tell how this movie is going to be like, when he was driving the limo the sound effects made it so surreal. When he fought that guys who was messing with the limo, the first time I saw it and he was killing those guys, it was brutal and gritty I was so surprised, I was thinking to my self is really an X-Men movie?, even watching it now, it still has the same effect. The whole story of Xavier and his health and how he is living is very emotional, I didn't expect it to be this emotional. We have been watching him since the first movie, he is such an icon and looking at his condition is just hard to watch. And out of all the Mutants I didn't expect Caliban to also be there. But his ability to find other Mutants so it was probably easy to find Wolverine and Xavier. When that woman came screaming that she needs Wolverine's help, I knew already that everything is going to go south and something bad was going to happen, especially when he went there and she was dead, it was very suspenseful because anything could happen to Logan because he wasn't as healthy and strong as he usually is. When they found that girl and the bad guys showed up everytime, I see that scene when she threw that man's head it's still thrilling as ever. She was killing those men with her claws was surprising but she had claws on her feet, now that was unexpected, the cinematography on the scenes when they were riding away was absolutely cinematic and finally a gate actually works like an actual gate! Reminds of the movie Game Night where the glass tables refuse to break.


The movie after the exciting part, it was a little slow, there was quite a few things happening but it was about all of them traveling, when they were on the highway and they almost got ran off the road when Xavier used his powers to get the horses back that such an emotional scene because in the state his in, they atleast made him using his powers feel so special. One of the most absolutely emotional scenes in the movie was when the duplicate Wolverine came and killed Xavier, it was shocking, it definitely wasn't the way I wanted Xavier to die. But atleast he said he never been that peaceful in such a long time, and maybe it was better than dying in such a horrific battle and being killed brutally. But I really wanted Xavier to atleast make it the end, it was just too soon. He definitely didn't deserve to be burried somewhere random because he is such an iconic character.


From that moment on the amount of times Logan passed out and slept was unbelievable. When they reached Eden, most of his time was spent sleeping. Wait...isn't that one actor like really really old? How is he even playing such a young kid?. When he finally woke up and that bad guys was following them, it was such a thrilling scene especially when he took the serum, that moment he was screaming was such an exciting moment I wanted to cheer, finally we got a full on Wolverine fight, it was brutal and alot of blood, and this fight wasn't a random fight, because he was fighting for their survival, you could feel the anger from Logan's emotions. Couldn't all the mutants stand together and use their powers all at once, Laura was killing those people very brutally, her acting was quite angry and you could feel the anger in both the characters and it was very believable. When he fought that duplicate Wolverine and Laura attacked that was such a rooting moment but when duplicate Wolverine smashed Logan into a tree log and Laura shot him, his deaths was so emotional, it definitely wasn't the way I expected him to die especially the fact that Xavier was gone and he was the last one left, when they burried him and she made an X with the cross, it was such a sad ending, atleast he is burried in Eden.


Overall this movie is very grounded and feel very surreal, the cinematography is absolutely cinematic and alot of times feels so solid it's adds alot of surrealism to the image. The score is so engaging and the sound effects adds such an atmosphere that makes the cinematography feels more real. The pace might be slow, but there was alot happening, you always feel quite emotional in this movie, whether you worried about Logan because you keep wondering if is he strong enough to fight, and then you worried about Xavier and his health, which he can't even help Logan and then Laura who doesn't really listen at all because she is just a kid and their faith also relies on her because she is the only one of the three of them that is the healthiest.
Imagine if it was Storm that was there and she was like really old and didn't know what was going on, she would be changing the weather every five minutes and flying around hahah! This movie focused alot on the characters which makes the story feel more solid. For it's amazing cinematography, and it's engaging score and a story that is very emotional, this movie deserves the
rating I gave it. Would I recommend you watching this? Who hasn't seen Logan?


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