Together ★★★½

McAvoy has been wandering in the wilderness of mediocre blockbuster fare for the better part of the last decade, and hence it is easy to forget that on his best day (like this, or Filth, or Atonement, and however middling I find them: Split and Glass), he can go toe-to-toe with the best this generation has to offer.

He is stupendously brilliant and magnetic in this Covid set relationship drama that also acts as a commentary on Britain's covid response plus general political discussion. I've never had the opportunity to see McAvoy on stage, but I bet he brings this level of ferocity and intensity.

And Sharon Horgan, likewise, impresses in a dramatic turn, which took me by surprise, since I know her from her comedic work, especially Catastrophe.

The movie itself is good, sorta like Malcolm & Marie, with a lot of fourth wall breaking and political commentary (which I enjoyed quite a bit -- but can come across as preachy, but hey, movies are preachy, what you gonna do?). This can be an intense watch, like rubbing salt on a fresh, raw wound, but I felt myself captivated. The acting is the main selling point, and Stephen Daldry keeps things floating at a good pace, and tries to convey the anger that many felt towards their respective governments' lackadaisical pandemic response.

P.S. When Horgan said no one understands what 'he' (McAvoy's character) does, and then he explains he works for a boutique consultancy that specializes in data analytics: that's .... exactly what I do. It's not a boutique, but it is a consultancy. And let me tell you, my family also doesn't understand what I do. Something to do with data is how it's usually phrased in family gatherings, which is a great conversation ender, let me tell you.

P.P.S I just immensely enjoy McAvoy's native Glaswegian accent. And it is deployed to full effect here. Reminded me of this: James McAvoy - The Infamous Vortex Of Scottish Charm

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