Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman ★★★★

Man.. what a surprise this was.

I went into Wonder Woman with mixed expectations. It's one of my most anticipated movies of the year, but considering DC's recent movies, I kept my expectations to a minimum. However, walking out of the early screening, me and my girlfriend had a huge smile on our faces. Wonder Woman is the best DCU movie to date. The cinematography and visuals looked great, capturing the Amazonean and London atmosphere greatly. The visual effects during the war sequences and hand-to-hand combat looked great, each attack having physical weight to them. Gal Gadot's excellent performance in Batman v Superman carries over in this movie, making her the best on-screen Wonder Woman period. Chris Pine was also pretty good in the movie, even if his character isn't the best. However, the best thing I can say about Wonder Woman is that the story is actually good. I was engaged from start to finish, having very little dull moments. It really surprised me how much fun I was having during this movie. However, it's not without its flaws. For example, most other characters besides Gadot and Pine were pretty bland, especially the villain. He wasn't really interesting, having a pretty lame motivation and no real intrigue in his character. Also, while I was engaged for the most part, some interactions and scenes felt unnecessary, and the movie could have benefited from not including those.  Sometimes it's better to tell, not show.  Finally, it's a minor complaint, but the movie was poorly lit, every scene feeling like the lights were turned off or they shot at deep midnight.  Overall, despite some bland characters and some dull moments, Wonder Woman is the best DC movie since The Dark Knight Rises.  A great lead role by Gal Gadot, an exciting story, and some kick ass action sequences, this movie finally breaks the streak of mediocre DC movies; in my opinion at least.  Be sure to check it out when it comes out this June.