Gay USA ★★★★½

I am so emotional and happy right now after watching this. The Pride Parades (or Marches) are one of the most touching events every year because it is the one time and place where the LGBT community are in safe space to share their struggles and provide solidarity with each other. A place where they don't have to hide or pretend, to feel ashamed and bothered. Pride Parades truly is such a magnificent event where the entire LGBT community can just go run around and march around the streets, in full drag, raising flags and messages of their own. But this Pride Parades are also a political protest.

In the Philippines, we had our first Pride March in 1994. Every year it gets bigger, bolder, and more open. Living as a homosexual in this country can sometimes be scary, with the people's conservative and religious ways and beliefs and the clear absence of secularism. The LGBT community really faces great dangers and a huge amount of oppression around here, like in any other conservative country. I personally haven't attended a Pride March in our country because it usually occurs far from where I'm residing, but I do wish to attend one day. Pride Marches are a way of protest against the discrimination and homophobia that this community has had to deal with, and this is a way to empower each other, and everyone else to take it to the streets and grant us the basic human rights that we all rightfully deserve.

I really feel blessed to have Pride Marches, because this is a sign or a symbol that we are breaking free from the silence and the hatred that we once faced. The hard path to being out of the closet because of shame and fear of unacceptance. I really do look forward to the day that all of these don't matter anymore. A day where we all finally are free and liberated to be whoever we want to be. A day where love wins. #YesToSOGIEBill

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