Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

Unrelated but, I am on this weird experiment myself, where I heard from a random source (or atleast that's what I think inspired this) that once you get used to something, you adapt to it, like a king who drank very small portion of poison that he became immune, I always told people when they ask me why I wear a jacket to school no matter the temperature and weather conditions, was because (not only as a fashion choice) I wanted to know if my body can adapt to temperature. (Not exactly sure if this is working, I was never keeping track, but anyway, it's mostly just a fashion choice.)

Another Round was a surprise to me, because I didn't expect it to be this cathartic or wholesome, because I came here blindly thinking this was about grown adults trying to get drunk daily for some reason, but no, well not exactly, apparently it's all part of an experiment told by a psychologist that drinking a small portion of alcohol can boost your productivity and confidence. This all works well for the teachers, but in the back of my mind, I don't know if the film glorifies drinking alcohol with only showing very little consequences (though correct me if I'm wrong, I wanna hear thoughts) though I am amazed at how this film tackles alcoholism by relating it to a more psychological and philosophical purpose.

This movie was very wholesome for me because of the fact that their jobs were teaching. Teachers gradually find ways to keep their class as productive yet entertaining as possible, and nothing does that better than a teacher who makes learning more fun and exciting. They find simple ways to keep the class less boring like telling jokes, relating the topics to modern experiences that learners like us can relate to, and innovative ways to keep our attention. So salute to the teachers out there trying their best to make class work for all of us.

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