What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

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This review may contain spoilers.

My Queen, Bette Davis, trying to slowly starve her fictional, more successful sister to death while giving the most deliciously, campy performance I have ever seen.

I don’t know what I thought What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? was actually about, or what I expected it to be. I suppose I thought it would be more dramatic and that it would have more screaming matches between the two women – something that would really elevate the dramatic. But instead, Davis’ comedic time shone. She was so wonderful to watch that I even forgave the incredibly gruesome things she did to her sister. And I’m a sister, so I really should have been bothered by them more.

I also really loved the character of Edwin and his scenes with Jane. His realization that he just needs to stroke Jane’s ego, and playing her like a fiddle was really hilarious to watch. “Oh!, you mean you’re the Baby Jane?!” when he clearly didn’t know who Baby Jane was made me laugh out loud. That entire scene was magic.

What did bother me quite a bit though was all of the sane characters’ complete lack of concern. Both the doctor and the maid not doing everything in their power to check on Blanche really made no sense. Everyone knew that Jane was unstable and mentally ill. To just wait for a frantic call or to be fired to actually check up on the wheelchair-bound sister was really ridiculous and honestly unbelievable. Maybe it can be explained away with Jane’s ability to mimic her sister’s voice (that was incredible! Was that really Joan Crawford’s voice, or is Davis really that great?!), but to me it will always be a plot hole.