PlayTime ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

The cinematography and the production design are absolutely stunning. Really, this film was breathtaking to look at. But I wish that the experience of watching the movie had been similarly magnetic.

Look, after about thirty minutes, I understood the shtick. But by then, there was still three-quarters of the film to go. And, call me crazy, but I just love dialogue and a story where characters communicate with one another. Maybe I’m just a traditionalist. Maybe I just don’t get this kind of cinema. But watching Playtime makes me dread watching Mon Oncle and Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday. Honestly, I’m beginning to think I’ll never watch those two films.

Sure, I could appreciate the chaotic nature of the dinner party scene, or the silliness of the tourists. But I wish there was more to this than constant gaffs and “aren’t us humans ridiculous?” moments. Maybe having a more cohesive storyline would have allowed me to actually laugh at the absurdity. With the way this film was, though, I did not even laugh once.