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  • The Hangover

    The Hangover


    Honestly, I am pretty damn mad at Paul and Amy for choosing “Summer Blockbusters” as a mini-series category, and for choosing a movie I have been actively avoiding for over a decade to discuss. How the mighty have fallen from discussing the merits of AFI’s Top 100 Films list to this bottom-of-the-barrel comedy.

    I really did give it a chance. The only reason I watched it tonight was because I was in the mood for a “newer light-hearted comedy.” I…

  • Anatomy of a Murder

    Anatomy of a Murder


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Trial Lawyers 101: Never ask a witness a question you do not know the answer to.

    I know that the prosecutor was trying to establish that Laura Manion and Quill might have had consensual sex, but that line of questioning came dangerously close to the “is that what she was wearing?” defense. I might have screamed at my screen.

    I haven’t seen Anatomy of a Murder in probably a decade, if not more. I remember loving it. Probably because I…

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  • Mind Game

    Mind Game


    Films like Mind Game, though incredibly innovative, are a reminder that the world of cinema is still very much a man's world. One could argue, as I'm sure the fans of this movie will, that there are no "films like Mind Game." Yes, there was something truly extraordinary about it: the animation was stunning and I very much appreciated the film-maker breaking away from modern convention. Yet, the story was so obviously conceived by a man's mind - the crude…

  • The Joy Luck Club

    The Joy Luck Club


    Whether you grew up in China or in the United States, if you don't know your self-worth as a woman, you're going to find yourself in terrible situations. In The Joy Luck Club, some of those scenes were the most heartbreaking.

    Despite the heart-wrenching scenarios some of these women found themselves in, the film as a whole was beautifully-told and incredibly touching. I loved this window into Chinese and Chinese-American cultures, respectively, the latter of which has barely received much focus in American cinema. More than anything, though, I loved the centrality of women to the plot of the film. The men were merely a footnote.